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Researchers in Europe, USA and China are racing to create teleportation networks capable of distributing entangled photons. Getting them to scale is a real scientific challenge for the coming decade.

  • Is it possible to reliably produce linked photons on demand and maintain their entanglement over a long distance ?
  • What does routing mean in a quantum Internet ? 
  • What kind of infrastructure, hardware and software, do we need to achieve this goal ?

Like the classical Internet, the quantum Internet is a globe-spanning network of networks.

The difference between these two Internet is the second one uses a quantum communication system. That means transporting all data in a quantum form.

The mechanism used is quantum teleportation which relies on an intrinsic property of the theory, entanglement.

This webinar intends to bring the first answers to these questions and provide the state of the art in the field. 


March 23 2021

2.00 p.m. – 4 p.m




Opening speech

Jean-Luc Beylat

President at Nokia Bell Labs France and President at Pôle Systematic

Christophe Calvin

International expert at CEA and President at Aristote Association

Alexandre Krajenbrink

Fellow at CQC, General Secretary and Co-founder at QuantX


Quantum networks and how do we build them ?

Chune Yang Lum

Co-founder and CEO at SpeQtral

Virginia d’Auria

Associate Professor at Institut de Physique de Nice,
PI of the Nice experiment

Franck Deppe

« Superconducting quantum circuit » group leader at Walther-Meißner-Institut


Quantum Security for networks

Chris Erven

CEO at Kets Quantum Security

Marc Kaplan

President at VeriQloud

Lucian Comandar

Consultant at Boston Consulting Group


Challenges and future perspectives

Elham Kashefi

Director of Research at CNRS,
Professor at University of Edinburgh,
Co-founder at VeriQloud

Noel Goddard

CEO at Qunnect,
Portfolio Manager at Accelerate NY Seed Fund,
Investment Advisor at CIF


Business Situation/ Ecosystem

Jean-François Bobier

Partner and Director Technology Advantage at Boston Consulting Group

Christophe Jurczak

Managing partner and Founder at Quantonation,
President and Co-founder at LLQ,
Treasurer and Co-founder at QuantX



QuantX est l’association des anciens élèves de l’École Polytechnique dédiée aux technologies quantiques. Par ses actions, QuantX souhaite être un support pour le partage de constats, réflexions et propositions, afin que l’écosystème français reste en pointe dans les technologies quantiques. QuantX veut porter la vision que la réussite d’une ambition française dans ce domaine doit s’appuyer sur l’excellence scientifique, la formation des futurs employés du quantique, et le soutien à l’entrepreneuriat.

Contact : Elvira Shishenina – mail  info[at]ax.polytechnique.org